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Summer Max 10°
0,3l/23,-   0,5l/33,-
Light beer the brewery Vysoký Chlumec
Summer Max honest ten cooked to a final gravity of 10.7 °, is probably the strongest ten on Czech beer market. Nevertheless, the brewers at the brewery in Vysoký Chlumec managed to maintain a lower alcohol content, for which draft beer so popular. It has a full malty flavor, which later passed into a pleasant hop bitterness. Alcohol content 4.0%.
0,3l/30,-   0,5l/40,-
Semi-dark lager the brewery Kácov
This lager combines the feasibility and refreshment of light lagers, caramel flavor and hazelnut scent. The lager is cooked from four kinds of malt. Alcohol content 4.5%.

Lobkowicz Premium 12°
0,3l/29,-   0,5l/39,-
Beer brewed according to traditional recipes in Protivínský brewery, exclusively from Czech raw materials, hopped three times and only Žatec poloraným hops and beaters. True twelve, which is great harmony of delicate bitterness, full of flavor and rich foam. Alcohol content 4.7%.
Démon 13°
Semi-dark lager
Special beer from the brewery Vysoký Chlumec was prepared according to old recipes monastery, whose tradition dates back to 1420. Alcohol content 5.2%.
Merlin - Lobkowicz Premium black
Merlin is an exceptional lager born in Protivin. During the production are used only three kinds of malt, crystal clear water of deep lakes and quality hops, but also roasted barley. The result is a magical combination of flavors with distinctive bitterness reminiscent of stout will be appreciated by every true connoisseur. Alcohol content 4.7%.
Kvasar 14°
0,3l/28,-   0,5l/38,-
Honey beer
Beer featuring a good head, golden yellow to brown color and corresponds to the Czech beers fermented medium. It is characterized by mild balanced bitterness and honey flavor slightly sweetish character. Boil brewery Černá Hora. Alcohol content 5.7%.
IPA Flying Cloud
Semi-dark lager
IPA (India Pale Ale) from breweries Vysoký Chlumec on Sedlčansko is top-fermented beer special during the production method is used cold hopping aromatic hop varieties Amarillo and Cascade. This method gets very intense beer flavor, aroma and bitterness. Apart from the typical characteristics of beers ALE (fragrance of flowers, raisins, stone fruit) you will feel in its aroma and taste also intense hop aroma with hints of citrus and mandarin. Alcohol content 5.5%.
Velen 12°
0,3l/23,-   0,5l/33,-
Wheat beer
Top-fermented beer from Černá Hora, whose production is less than one third of malt prepared from wheat. Light to straw-colored, free-floating yeasts causing turbidity, the beer is opaque and has a rich lather. Alcohol content 4.8%.
Rychtář Premium 12°
0,3l/23,-   0,5l/33,-
Beer with a nice strong bitterness, typically full-bodied, high sharpness and excellent foaming, which is brewed in the brewery Hlinská. Alcohol content 5.0%.
Rychtář Fojt 10°
0,3l/21,-   0,5l/28,-
Light beer the brewery Hlinsko
In the production of this beer is used lettuce hops, which gives the beer a pleasant bitterness. Brewer's yeast in beer Rychtář Fojt are an important source of B vitamins, which are important for the preservation of appetite, improve digestion and preventing insomnia, nervousness and feelings of fatigue. Furthermore, also an additional source of protein, minerals and antioxidants - substances, which act as free radical scavengers. Boil in Hlinsko brewery. Alcohol content 4.0%.
Lobkowicz Premium non-alcohol
0,3l/21,-   0,5l/30,-
Lobkowicz Premium non-alcohol is a refreshing beer full of flavor, which adds a special hopping unmistakable flavor. It is made from three kinds of malt and three types of hops, using a special yeast strain. Alcohol content up to 0.5%.

Extra cut: Lobkowicz 12° + Merlin 12°
Diesel: Kvasar 14° + Coca-Cola
Radler: Tas 10° + Sprite
Universal: Velen 12° + Cappy
Lipo: Rychtář 12° + limonade

Cider Magnetic Apple
CIDER MAGNETIC Apple is 100% Czech product. All apples for cider making come from the Czech fruit-growers, especially from the region of Central Bohemia. All varieties of ciders are only from apples or pears without added sugar, colorings, flavorings, preservatives or other condiments.
original 4%, premium 6%, pears 4%, cherry 5%

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